How it started

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It’s a cold night in March and our protagonist sitting on his balcony, looking into nowhere above his tea.

You know that feeling at the end of the day, when you just try to empty your mind before going to sleep. The best ideas love to appear this time. He worked as a freelancer for agencies to tie up some money as a side hustle but since day one it seemed the hard way.

Cut back somewhere in the past.

He learnt a lot, like processes from A to Z, how to acquire, keep and let clients go if they mind, gained worthy knowledge about business industries and people in the past 5 years. But somehow it did not felt enough. He wants more challenge, not just to be the part of the picture, he wants to paint the big picture.

Cut back to the present

Saturday afternoon, deleting brand name ideas from a handwritten note. Guys, did you know how hard to find a cool name for a digital agency which has a not taken .com domain? Just try it.


From those first clumsy times suddenly we are here, with our first clients to build an empire.  May you join the ride? 

My name is Gergő Bárándi, owner and founder of Upbeat Clicks Budapest. I’m glad to welcome you on our team’s website with this first content. It’s not a professional content, this is the story right behind the whole thing. It’s about ambition, it’s about carrying on when times choose to be though. It’s about achieving things even the odds are against you. Thats what we call a winning mentality.