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Gergo Barandi - Digital marketing creator from Budapest, Hungary

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National Hearing Test - Hungary & Poland

You need to convince loads of 65yrs+ people in Eastern Europe to choose a private hearing aid reseller instead of the free national healthcare when it comes to hearing care. First you may build a detailed content structure to build consumer trust (see another case study below), but what do you do in case you have to generate high offline traffic to 165 stores across Hungary & Poland? Go native.

Wineage - your wineyard travelbuddy

Premium-Wine ecommerce is a tough one: expensive wines, small audiences, loads of competition, without too much space in pricing. So how those niche people will stick to you? 
Connect them with another loved hobby: you may bring them all those nice wines from far places, but why would you leave those magical travel stories behind? Engage your followers with your products while telling heartwarming stories.

Tranzitshop - ecommerce PPC strategy

When I was asked to redesign Tranzitshop’s ppc funnels with a lot less available funds than before, I’ve decided to say a polite no. The thing that I like challanges waaaay too much successfully changed my mind in their favour – now the ROAS growth is unquestionable while sales is skyrocketing from a lot less investment than last years.
Take a look what got into the mediamix.

Amplifon Content Strategy - Beating all competitors in organic

When I’ve arrived at Amplifon Hungary, the content strategy was kinda non-existent. A website redesign and challanging 6 months later Amplifon finally manage to beat all competitors in the Hungarian market when it comes to SEO Share of voice score.
Take a look how the content structure has been built.